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Servicelink pty ltd is Australian privately-owned company providing total solutions in the property industry by supporting Facilities managers and owners with standalone or integrated soft services.

Servicelinnk harnesses technology to deliver solutions tailored to meet our clients’ strategic objectives.

Our purpose is to make the difference to  work with our clients and

Today, we provide long-term capability in 5 divisions services to ours clients .

Moses is the founder and managing director of Servicelink Pty Ltd, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry working for major  companies prior to establishing the business.  He oversees all operations of the business to ensure the contract is delivered and customer expectations are met.  And to ensure the business is financially sound, and all government legislation is met. 

The business was established after seeing & experiencing the frustrations of customers due to their cleaning provider not delivering what is in the contract, lack of communication and transparency.  And also, the frustration of major companies subcontracting the work out to small business without informing the client and indirectly this lead to slave labour or effect on the work performance,  as the staff were not being paid correctly and sometimes not at all.   From this frustration the business was born.   To bring integrity back into industry. 

Know More About Us

The company was established in 2005 as Service Group and in 2018 name changed to Servicelink due to expansion into other fields and not being integrated service provider.  Since being established the company has seen strong growth and continual growth by insuring it sticks to the principals of why it was established.  The business has diversified into other service services  like gardening, maintenance, facilities , Refurbishment Division and due to customer demands.  

At Servicelink we believe in continuous improvement by listening to our customers.  Servicelink was established by a group of managers working in the various industry. 

Between 20 years throughout their years of experience, they have experienced many clients that was very disgruntled with companies in the industry.  They realised why there was a major disconnect from the level service being provided to clients and how the service was being delivered. 

After recognising this disconnection and with deep understanding of the various  service industry, Servicelink was established and since being established each year we have been expanding and growing by maintaining and looking after our existing clients and growing the business through referrals.

At Servicelink we believe we have the financial capability and staffing resources to provide outstanding service to the any client.

We have the knowledge and experience looking after a wide range of facilities, form retail and commercial to office buildings to childcare and community centres to aquatic centres, public amenities.


Focus from the ground up. To focus on providing outstanding training and ongoing training to staff, and to listen to our clients’ needs and come up with tailored solutions.


Our objective is to provide outstanding customer service through communication to keep our client up to date via inspections and feedback from staff.

A property services team you can trust

At Servicelink we believe we have the resources and experience to build a long term and successful relationship ,  as we believe we have common values in our business.

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Health & Safety
  • Customer service

Like any partnership if you do not have the same values it cannot last.  At Servicelink we have built and continue to build strong culture of trust, and integrity in the company by having three core principals;

  • Listen:

To your customers and your employees

  • Implement:

When given the opportunity to change for the better make sure it happens

  • Continuous Improvement:

Never stand still, always look for ways to improve both personal and business